A business imperative

One in five people have a disability. When you include loved ones, more than 50% of lives are touched by disability. Many individuals with physical limitations are unable to access the Web because they have difficulty controlling a mouse, using a keyboard or reading the screen. This group benefits from assistive technology that makes Web access a reality, but they are faced with three key challenges in acquiring the solution they need:

Selection — Each solution must address an individual's unique needs. With so many assistive technology offerings to choose from and no trusted authority to rely upon, the selection process can be confusing and disheartening.

Affordability — With most technology, functionality goes up as costs come down. Assistive technology, however, has not followed the same trajectory. Even those who can afford effective solutions are finding the costs increasingly prohibitive. Part of the reason for this is the high cost of trying to keep pace with the capabilities and interfaces of evolving mainstream technologies. As a result, the assistive technology that users require can cost many times as much as a PC.

Portability — Even if an ideal solution is adopted for use at home or at work, most assistive technology software must be installed. This means that accessing the Web via any other PC remains problematic.

Organizations need to foster social inclusiveness to enhance the engagement, participation and independence of all potential target audiences including employees, partners and customers. Visitors to sites that feature eSSENTIAL Accessibility™ gain access to a comprehensive solution that can be downloaded for free and used anywhere on the Web.